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Our Story

How we began...

In 2014, our journey began amidst the aftermath of supertyphoon Haiyan. A small team from King's Harbor Church in Torrance, California embarked on a relief mission trip. As we extended our helping hand, the Lord unveiled a path of purpose for us in the Philippines. It was an opportunity for us to reciprocate the love we had received.

Board of Directors

Our Mission

Erwin and Cherry Arevalo

Cherry and Erwin, whose vision is deeply rooted in the profound message of 1 John 3:16-18, reflecting the active essence of God's love. With over 30 years of collective experience as business owners, they have consistently felt a calling to share their blessings with those in need. Through their business endeavors, they have made significant contributions to various local charities and churches. Recognizing their role as faithful stewards of God's grace, they were led to establish Impact 3:16 in 2016. This organization stands as a product of the amazing grace bestowed upon them, serving as a platform to channel their giving ministry and make a lasting impact in the lives of others. Notably, the active participation of their sons, EJ and Seth, in mission trips adds a significant generational aspect to their shared commitment.

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Joy Luna

Joy, a believer saved by grace, is deeply devoted to Jesus. She serves as the Secretary and a founding board member of Impact3:16. Her journey with Impact 316 began in 2016 with trips to the Philippines, and she continued until 2019, supporting ministry partners and fellow believers. 


Apart from her mission work, she loves to travel, read, journal, and serve the community. Her faith is central to her life, and she eagerly shares the gospel with others.  A loving wife to Rhey and a devoted mother to Ezekiel, Jacob, and Titus, who also have joined a trip to the Philippines with a team in July 2023.

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